The ONE AND ONLY KT Product Pick List
Ever had an issue finding a product? What if we found it for you?
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TOTAL VALUE = $22,285
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QUESTIONS about the Pick List?!
WAY ahead of you!
Step 1) You Enroll in KT Product Picks

Step 2) You get access to an exclusive list (CONSTANTLY UPDATED) with amazing picks from every Amazon niche imaginable

Step 3) Find a pick you like? Attend our Webinar (linked above) and then email us at and we will REMOVE THE PICK forever, so no one else but you can source it!
Incredibly simple, incredibly effective product research, done for you.

Saturation Proof.  Patent Checked.  Worry Free.
Frequently Asked Questions
What's stopping someone from copying the whole list and putting it out there for everyone to see??
We have extensive security measures in place, don't worry. Any suspicious activity will result in an immediate ban from the list.  
Won't everyone be competing for the same products??
 In short, no. The amount of people subscribed to this list is MINISCULE compared to the overall number of sellers on Amazon. Plus, we will be adding in new products at RANDOM TIMES, continuously. This way, when you decide on a killer product from the list and have us remove it, very few, if anyone, will have seen it.   
How do you guys find so many awesome products??
We've been doing this a long time. We are getting quite good at it.  
Why not just sell all of these products yourself if they are so awesome??
We simply have too many. Would you be able to source 100s of products at once and effectively sell them on Amazon? No, we didn't think so.
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