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  • 10 Gorgeous Photos
  • (Mix of Studio and Lifestyle Images)
  • ($2,500 Value)
  •  Gorgeous Model Included (If Necessary) 
  • ($1800 Value)
  • Created Based on Professional Market Analysis
  • ($500 Value)
  •  *Developed to Drive Massive Conversions* 
  • Photos with Text Included at No Charge
  • ($650 Value)
  •  All Extra Photos included at no charge 
  • ($1,000 Value)
TOTAL VALUE = $6,450
Our Price = $1299 (Save $5,151)
  • 6 Gorgeous Photos
  • (Mix of Studio and Lifestyle Images)
  • ($800 Value)
  •  Gorgeous Model Included (If Necessary) 
  • ($900 Value)
  •  Created Based on Professional Market Analysis 
  • ($500 Value)
  •  Developed to Drive Massive Conversions
TOTAL VALUE = $2,200
Our Price = $799 (Save $1,401)
  • 5 Gorgeous Photos (all studio shots)
  • ($300 Value)
  •  Professional Edits (Shadows/Reflections) Included  
  • ($300 Value)
Our Price = $299 (Save $301)
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 Honey Badger Boost Photography is second to none. You CANNOT replicate what they have done with photoshop. Stop trying to do it yourself, hire the experts, save yourself time, hassle, and money.
Amazon Kitchen Product Owner
 We use HBB for ALL of our photography. Once you do it's addicting. You get more sales, your customers start to share your pictures on social, and it SNOWBALLS. Thank you!
Amazon Baby Product Brand Owner
Frequently Asked Questions
How much control do I have over what shots are taken?
By hiring Honey Badger Boost, you understand that we are the authority when it comes to Amazon Product Photography. The best way for us to provide you awesome results is to fill out our pre-shoot checklist (provided as soon as order is complete). This checklist will allow you to provide us key product features as well as examples of images that you would like to emulate. After that, we require that you trust us to provide pristine photos of your product.  
How many models do you use? What do they look like? Can I choose?
 In short, our models look amazing. We aren't going to use ugly models, relax :) You get one model per shoot, either male or female. We will choose this based on a market analysis of your product, or else you can specify. We charge $100 per additional model. This can be payed separately through pay-pal after contacting us via email.  
What is the timeline for the shoot?
We work on a 2 week timeline from the time your product arrives at our studio. This is usually no problem - more complicated shoots requiring unique lifestyle scenes may take a little longer. We guarantee it will be worth the wait.
Can I send you a sample of the product instead of the full production model?
Of course! Our clients do this all the time. However, whatever you send us will get photographed. We will not photoshop your logo onto the product. If you want your logo in the pictures you need to send us a product with the logo attached. 
Do you have a money back guarantee? What if I hate the photos?
First of all, you won't hate the photos - we are quite good at this. There are a TON of moving parts involved with a service like this. While we don't offer an explicit money back guarantee - we will do EVERYTHING IN OUR POWER to ensure that you are happy. If you follow all of our terms and conditions and still aren't satisfied we will refund your money. 
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