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Rank your products to page one, for keywords your competition doesn't even know about.
  Increase Visibility
  Boost Conversions 
  Rank, Rank, and Rank Some More 
  I ranked to page one without a launch, simply by getting a listing optimization from Honey Badger Boost.
- Wes
Increase your sales by increasing your product’s visibility. Our proven SEO practices put your product in front of more shoppers
Compelling copy elevates your brand and increases conversions. With in-depth product and market research our copywriters get inside the mind of your customer to create content that sells. 
How we help
  Complete Set of Backend Search Terms
- A full word list of top ranking keywords
- Keywords ranked by search volume and applicability to your market
- A copy and paste ready version with all duplicates removed for maximum exposure and reach
  Brand Analysis (Product Presentation)
- In Depth Market Research
- Comprehensive Listing Analysis
- Clear Recommendations of Necessary Changes
  Boosted Product  Title
YOUR TITLE IS ESSENTIAL! We will craft the perfect title designed to maximize your ranking for key keywords as well as drive conversions through readability.
  Badass Bullet Points
- Copy and Paste Ready
- Designed to perfectly complement your images and title
- Stresses key product differentiators and selling points
- Simultaneously increases keyword exposure through expert copy
  Supreme Keyword  Analysis
- Best Keywords to target based on a variety of factors
- Keywords that your competitors rank for
- Keywords that your competitors are missing out on
Diamond Listing Package
  •  Optimized Product Title 
  •  Optimized "About the Product" (Bullet Points)
  •  Optimized Product Description 
  •  Suggested Backend Search Term Submission 
  •  Content Designed to Drive Clicks & Ranking 
$699 Only
Gold Listing Package
  •  Optimized Product Title 
  •  Optimized "About the Product" (Bullet Points) 
  •  Suggested Backend Search Term Submission 
  •  Developed to Drive Massive Conversions
$349 Only
Silver Listing Package
  •  Optimized Product Title 
  •  Optimized "About the Product" (Bullet Points) 
  •  Developed to Drive Massive Conversions
$249 Only
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  The crazy thing is, you don't even have to be an expert at Amazon if you have HBB.  I literally just sent them my listing URL, they delivered a BEAUTIFUL copy and paste ready report.  I pasted them in and boom, page 1 rankings, organic sales started.  Even with no reviews!  Crazy! 
- Sarah
 The Honey Badger Boost staff is responsive, helpful, but most importantly, CRAZY good at what they do.  This was a no brainer and I will use them again for all of my listings. 
- Brad
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the process?
It's so simple!  Just send us the URL of your product.  We do the market research, we find the keywords.  We deliver everything back to you in one simple, easy to copy and paste document.  You will love it.  
How does Honey Badger Boost know which keywords to include in my listing copy?
We determine the most relevant keywords for your product using: In-house data collected from our proprietary software, combined with the most accurate and comprehensive keyword tools on the market.  We also do the dirty work of manually accessing and extracting key data from all of your competitors.  
Why don’t I just write my own product listing with Keyword Research?
Great question. If your listing was just keywords, you could easily use Keyword Research to write it… but it’s not that easy. We wish it were. A listing is a combination of the right keywords targeting both Amazon SEO and human language that informs and converts Amazon shoppers. We are sure you are intelligent and competent enough to write decent copy, but decent copy does not work in the ultra competitive market Amazon is today. The experience and skill of our experts saves you time and allows you to employ an industry leading product listing, which is necessary to getting ahead of the competition.
When will I see my keywords index after implementation? Will I rank on page 1?
Keyword indexing can take as little as a few minutes to as long as a few days. Generally, we see complete indexation with a few hours of adding the new copy. Once your keywords are indexed, you may find your product ranking well for long-tail low competition keywords with little to no sales, but for more competitive keywords, you will have to do more to prove your relevance. The best way to prove relevance is through sales! Make sure that your listing is well optimized before driving sales or you will never find your product ranking. 
Do you need access to my Amazon account?
No. Completed listing optimization copy is provided to the client in a PDF template and text only file. Clients can copy and paste the content from the text file to their Seller Central account themselves. 
Do I need a separate package for each variation?
Variations are assessed on a case-by-case basis. Depending on the nature of the variation and how many exist, you may only need one package. Please contact with questions of this nature. 
How long does it take?
Listing optimizations are delivered to you no later than 7 business days after your chosen start date. 
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